Gala Bingo Uses 3rd Generation Tickets to Raise Funds for Haiti

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/02/2010 10:42

A short while ago we picked up a news item in the press regarding 3rd generation bingo tickets, and while this isn’t really relevant to online bingo, it is relevant to UK bingo in general. These allow clubs to design how they want their bingo tickets to look so that they are now no longer limited to a standard format. Bingo books can now be printed in full colour, used as marketing tools and provide various commercial opportunities. This makes then fun and exciting and Gala Bingo is now making use of these from edwardthompson a top 100 UK printer.

Both Gala and Beacon Bingo have taken these bingo tickets and had them personalized to use for raising funds for the Oxfam Haiti earthquake appeal and they are on sale in bingo clubs as we speak. Players are able to make use of these in land based bingo clubs, but I have to be frank with you I am not quite sure how the fund raisin actually works. The news does not say if a portion of the ticket sales will be donated or how it actually works, but this is the biggest bingo operator in the UK, so we shall just take their word for it.

In the mean time, life goes on as normal at Gala Bingo online, and if you want to play online bingo in a more interactive format, we can recommend Gala Bingo TV. Presently they have a whole host of new promotions for February up for grabs, including Hollywood Bingo which is attached to a brilliant draw promotion. Check the site out for details and see what else Gala TV has up its sleeve for players. Also check out the Main Event on the site, there are some fantastic cash prizes up for grabs.

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