Gala Bingo Splashes the Cash Across the Board

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 10/01/2010 21:28

That Gala Bingo has a reputation for splashing the cash is not up for question, but there are so many ways to play and so much free bingo available that you can even play free bingo games and win real cash prizes when you play on Gala TV. These TV bingo games are great to play because just like online bingo they are completely interactive and if you have Sky buying your tickets is simple. Just go to channel 861 and follow the simple instructions and you will soon be playing.

You get to enjoy your favorite bingo callers too and famous Gala Bingo caller of the year Brett Hyjrak is one of these. You can find out all about him under the Gala TV section of the site and he traditionally calls at the club in Bognor Regis, so if he is your home boy, you can enjoy his calling on TV too. He got started in bingo calling because he ran out of money and needed a job, who was to know he would become famous by it? He loves the buzz of being on stage and entertaining as well as the fact that the gets to give out big wins, and the largest prize he has given away is a Villa in Spain. Join in the fun and games through this medium and enjoy something completely different.

Ah, but there I was going to be telling you about the free bingo and I got all side tracked again. You can get a maximum of 30 free tickets into this game and it plays at 5pm on the dot so be there or miss out. The prize split is a massive £10/£20/£70 and you can play till the 10th January, so play and be in with a chance to win, £70 isn’t a life changing amount, but it is free and it could cover a credit card bill for the month. We have after all just experience the most expensive time of the year!

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