Gala Bingo Manager Wins £44,000 Case

Gala Bingo Manager Wins £44,000 Case

Written by: ava carson on 07/01/2013 08:00
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Marie Watkins 44 worked for Gala Bingo for 20 dedicated years and was fired for what the company concluded she was not capable to fulfill her new duties at the club.

Dundee employment tribunal thought the decision to let her go was not fair and could of at least gave her another position within the company.

Gala did not require evidence to prove that Ms. Watkins was not qualified after her line manager dismissed her. According to the tribunal she did more than many other managers because the club was smaller in comparison to other Gala bingo halls.

The dedicated employee was not a stranger to work long hours and never was paid for it. She has a fine reputation as manager and even won the Regional Manager of the Year prize.

Her job was on the line after a new performance measure system was employed. The Arbroath club was not reported as not doing as well as the other clubs. Her performance was closely monitored and after warnings was dismissed in February 2012.

According to the tribunal there was not enough evidence from Mr. Watret who was involved in making the decision to let her go and was a key figure in the performance system organization.
Instead Gala accepted the evidence of Ms Cundle who was not involved in all the stages of the dismal but rather very early on.

The tribunal felt that Ms. Cundle “would say whatever she felt would most advance the employer’s case.” She was fired without considering another position within the company where she would be capable of carrying out her duties.

“If this were the case (which we do not accept) then any reasonable employer would explore with the employee the possibility that the employee might accept redeployment to a lesser role.”

Ms. Watkins won the case and was compensated by the Gala Coral Group of Nottingham in the tune of £44,635.62.

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