Gala Bingo Manager Steals Nearly £20k

Gala Bingo Manager Steals Nearly £20k

Written by: Glo Wood on 21/06/2014 17:25
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Operations manager of the Gala Bingo Fenton location, Gerald Burton was jailed when it was discovered that he had stolen £19,500 from the company.

Over the course of ten months, Burton fixed the books making it possible to for him to spend £11,500 and place the remaining £8,000 in an account.

Burton was only caught when he mistakenly left £20 notes at work.

Judge David Fletcher said, "This was a mean offence."

According to CCTV, Burton had stolen cash on 38 occasions from May, 2012 to February, 2013.

Burton will spend 30 months in prison and must repay the stolen cash.

Prosecutor Paul Spratt told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court: "There was a pin scheme for staff which meant there was a recorded trail that would inevitably lead back to the defendant, which it did. He was subsequently suspended and then dismissed from his employment."

Paul Cliff, defense lawyer, said: "He had a managerial role, although he was not at the top of the tree at Fenton.

"There was some sophistication involved in the offence but there was no attempt to deliberately throw suspicion on to others.

"For the vast majority of the incidents he used his own log-in details. When a different log-in was used it was because he was technically not in work.

"He is now 42 years old and has already paid a high price for this dishonesty.

"His working life now lies in tatters. This conviction will make finding suitable work a very real problem for the rest of his life.

"He has not been able to keep up with his mortgage payments and the bank has begun the process of repossessing his home.

"He is aware of the effect this will have on his family and he is ashamed."

Burton has been convicted of theft, five counts of converting criminal property and found not guilty of nine false accounting offences.

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