Gala Bingo Loses a Big Winner to Cancer

Gala Bingo Loses a Big Winner to Cancer

Written by: Glo Wood on 07/02/2013 22:20

One of Gala Bingo’s jackpot winners was 80-year-old Carmel Paton. She won £28,000 in January 2010 but lost her battle with cancer and died in her daughter’s home.

Patton has been a fan of bingo and played the game for ten years. She overcame her dislike for bingo and attended the bingo club in Queensway twice per week.

"I can remember a friend of my mum's inviting her to play bingo and she turned her nose up at the thought," Paton’s daughter, Jessie Paton said.

"When she finally went she absolutely loved it and was hooked. The £28,000 win was amazing for her.

"She did believe by that time she had put her fair share of money in so deserved it.

"My mum was a very matriarchal type of person but very family orientated.

"She spent part of the money she won on taking all the family on a holiday to Ireland."

Unfortunately, concerns over traffic congesting the city centre prevented the family from leading the funeral precession by the Gala Bingo club. Staff from the club were in attendance watching on as the procession past.

Paton will be remembered by her brother Seamus, children Kathleen, Jessie, Joseph, James, Carmel and Isabella, 9 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

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