Gala Bingo Leprechaun’s Luck Earns £390,000 for Weston-Super-Mare Grandfather

Gala Bingo Leprechaun’s Luck Earns £390,000 for Weston-Super-Mare Grandfather

Written by: Jeannie on 14/06/2011 16:40
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Do leprechauns exist? It seems that they do, and that one has been working his magic in the Weston-Super-Mare area. How else can we explain the huge jackpot scooped on Gala Bingo?

The man who is celebrating the windfall is a 61 year old grandfather who chose not to release his name. The shift worker decided to give the Gala Bingo game called Leprechaun’s Luck a spin, and before you could say, “Is that a rainbow I see?” he had won an amazing £391,146 jackpot.

Another Life Changed by Bingo

He was understandably delighted but shocked at the life changing win and has admitted that, “I keep pinching myself”. Fortunately he’ll be able to employ someone to do the pinching shortly. He had already handed in his notice, and plans to live out his dreams by owning his own gardening business. If you see a smiling man driving a luxury ride-on lawnmower in Weston-Super-Mare you will know who it is.!

Don’t worry if you think that the coffers at Gala Bingo must now be running low. The good people at the bingo firm confirm that they give away over £62 million every single month. There is still plenty of cash sitting there waiting to be won.

In fact, if you are looking to change your life the way that our friend from Somerset has, then we have two words for you; Alice’s Wonderland. This game has a jackpot which is climbing all the time, and which is sitting at around the £100k mark. Seeing how someone can win such a humungous sum should give us all the extra boost we need to keep trying to get hold of our own pot of gold.

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