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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/07/2009 06:00
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In order to cope up with the times and the tough competition, online bingo operators should continuously come up with various promotions and offers that will certainly attract players. Of course, the top and leading online bingo sites never fail to do so, just like Gala Bingo. They continue to launch various offers, games, and jackpots that rake in a lot of bingo players at any one time. Now, Gala Bingo has come up with three new games that will certainly attract a lot of bingo players out there. Let’s take a look at their new offering.

This month of July, expect lots of new goodies at Gala Bingo. There are three new amazing games for all the bingo players out there to enjoy. If you love bingo and love playing side games in between, then you’ll definitely have fun at Gala Bingo this month. For those who love slots, you will surely enjoy your time at Gala Bingo right now! They’ve added some classic games that most people miss from playing at live casinos. But thanks To Gala Bingo’s efforts, you may now play online bingo and online slots at the same time!

Gala Bingo has just introduced to us their very own transformers slots. The movie Transformers was definitely a hit. So taking that theme and making it a slots game was certainly a good move for Gala Bingo. Aside from the famous Transformers slots game, they have the spooky Dungeons and Dragons that has incorporated its own feel into the popular computer game. Last but not the least, Gala Bingo brings to us the Battleships game that will surely attract the younger generations of bingo players. It’s no longer a board game now but a slots game where you can win real cash! Certainly these three new games from Gala Bingo are going to attract a lot of tech savvy and young play

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