Gala Bingo Halls fears closure of more bingo halls.

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/06/2009 22:00
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Gala Bingo Club is the biggest bingo club operator in the UK today. However, even the biggest of bingo operators can’t avoid the effects of what’s happening in today’s economy, the smoking ban implemented by the government of UK, and now, the tax increase. There are just so many things happening that no bingo hall can escape. So what are we to expect with the future of Gala Bingo halls? Let’s take a look at some news from Gala Bingo halls.

The previous situations have already caused a couple of bingo clubs to close. But with the recent tax increase, it could mean another batch of bingo halls, at least another hundred or so in the UK, will be facing closure once more. Gala Bingo Halls are no exception. Even if they are backed up by private equity companies such as Candover, Cinven, and Permira, they are still considering whether or not to close six of the remaining 156 clubs they have. 180 jobs will be lost if and when this happens. Previously, there were already thirteen bingo clubs and four casinos from the Gala group that have closed ever since the smoking ban. At the same time, the company already said in late 2008 that there are no longer bingo club closures foreseen, at least in the immediate future. However, last April, a surprise tax increase was implemented leading Gala Bingo to start considering club closures once more. Hopefully, things get better for the bingo clubs in the UK since high street bingo has already been part of the British culture.

However, according to bingo insiders, Gala Bingo may be closing about 40 to 50 more clubs across the UK over the next twenty four months. These clubs are mostly the former cinemas since they will most like focus on the modern and flat-floor venues. Well, at least these closures are in light of making all the Gala bingo clubs modern than what they currently have.

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