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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 10/09/2009 10:00
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Want to learn if you’re lucky this month? Well, Gala TV features the bingo horoscope for its players at their popular TV channel. Now don’t you want to know how lucky you are this month? Let’s find out.

According to Gala Bingo, the bull is the luckiest this month. We’re talking about the people whose zodiac sign is Taurus. Gala Bingo TV stated that the Taureans have all the luck this month. They are more likely to win than the rest of the star signs. But in case you want to know how lucky you are, Gala TV lists down the star signs in order of importance or luck.
1. Taurus
2. Cancer
3. Capricorn
4. Pisces
5. Sagittarius
6. Aries
7. Scorpio
8. Aquarius
9. Gemini
10. Leo
11. Libra
12. Virgo

So if you are a Taurus, Cancer, or Capricorn, you belong to the top three luckiest players for the month. This means it’s time to play bingo! Gala TV revealed this list in order to promote their latest show, Horoscope Bingo. You’ll be able to watch the new show every Friday Night at Gala Bingo TV. A comparison on the winning amounts and wagers placed last year around the same time as now has showed that the Taureans are the luckiest. They have topped the polls. However, astrologer Claire Petulengro said that Taureans aren’t usually risk takers. Those players with the Cancer sign are more likely to take risks. On the other hand, the Virgos are the least likely to win having 35% less wins than the rest of the star signs. The Virgos are too careful with weighing their options.

So if you’d like to learn more about astrology, your star signs, and if you’re lucky and most likely to win, make sure to head to Gala TV bingo and tune in to the Horoscope Bingo show. Claire will be co-hosting the one hour TV show each Friday night at eight o’clock.

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