Gala Bingo Employees Sacked for Drinking

Gala Bingo Employees Sacked for Drinking

Written by: Glo Wood on 21/03/2013 21:20
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A Gala Bingo club fired four employees because they brought their own drinks into another one of their clubs.

An employment tribunal heard about the situation and the reasons which were breaching their liquor license and breaching company policy. Regional manager Peter Connor now admits that this was unfounded.

All four employees had brought liquor into the club and hid it under the table as they played bingo. They became loud and drew attention to themselves.

William Anderson, 24, and Lori Kennedy, 27, of Lismore Court, took Gala to the tribunal based on an unfair dismissal.

It was reported that the other two employees, Susan Scappaticcio, and Sylvia Cunnigham, had already settled with Gala.

Connor says that the words used in the dismissal letter given to both Anderson and Kennedy could have been chosen more wisely.

The letter read: “The reason for your dismissal is that you were in breach of the liquor licence and the Gala staff gaming policy.”

“It should have read that it was a breach of company policy and put our licence in jeopardy”, said Connor.
It turns out that there isn’t anything written that specifically states that players may not bring in their own alcohol.

The tribunal will resume in May.

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