Gala Bingo Climbs to New Heights to Raise Charitable Funds

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/12/2009 22:46

Gala Bingo has already proven themselves to be a staunch supporter of the Sue Ryder Care charity. They have held ongoing fund raising initiatives for nearly 18 months now, and they have climbed to some really incredible heights to achieve this. Some of the things their PR staff and club employees have done have been outrageous.

For example piggy backing on the Barak Obama inauguration! They were very quick off the mark to get publicity by asking his Step Mother, (a bingo mad fan) if they could organize a fund raising game in her name. She loved the idea, and Gala Bingo won a very coveted PR prize for being so cheeky. The game also raised £20 000 for the charity.

Not to be outdone, 44 year old Ewen Macgregor, and 24 other staff members from Gala Bingo clubs around the UK climbed 17,500ft to Mount Everest Base Camp, where they played in the world’s highest game of bingo. I suppose that they didn’t have to pay for their tickets, so it could also be called the “world’s highest game of free bingo”!! This team of intrepid adventurers also managed to raise over £100 000 for the charity. Isn’t it strange that the bigger the risk you take, the bigger the rewards are?

This is one of the most admirable feats I have ever heard of. The Gala Bingo team were kept in a rigorous training program from 2008, till they left for their mammoth Everest Bingo trek this November 2009. The amount of time and dedication stuns me, these people stun me in their loyalty to their employer and their dedication to this charity; and it just shows everyone what bingo people are made of. A lot sterner stuff than you might normally believe! Ewen says that the other trekkers couldn’t believe their eyes when they pulled out bingo balls, cards and dabbers, they thought the lot of them had altitude sickness, but it was a challenge they wouldn’t have missed for the world.

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