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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/08/2009 01:00
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Mini games are definitely a hit at online bingo sites these days. It is like almost each and every popular online bingo site are adding new mini games in their site each day. Why wouldn’t they be popular when they are great side games to play in between those bingo games or jackpot games. It’s like a change in the routine. There’s a different kind of fun and excitement with mini games and they certainly complement bingo games the best.

Gala Bingo is among those popular online bingo sites adding more mini games or side games to their site. Gala Bingo has announced an additional five new mini games that you can play and enjoy. The last five games that they have added will allow you to win cash prizes to give you more ways of winning at their online bingo site. These games are as follows, the Big Brother, Elvis-Little more Scratchin’, Elvis ‘Rocking & Rolling’, Queens Hand, and the Sale of the Century. Let’s take a look at these great promotions below.

The Big Brother mini game is simply a scratch card game. All you have to do is to tour the typical Big Brother manor house and try to match three rooms to be able to win the prize! Another scratch card game Gala Bingo is offering is the Elvis-little more Scratchin’. It’s a scratch game with an “Elvis” theme to get you on the groove! The same theme extends to the other mini game, the “Elvis Rocking & Rolling” where you can create and edit your own scrapbook with an Elvis theme. It will allow you to win great prizes!
Now the Queens Hand, is another great mini game Gala Bingo is offering. It’s another scratch game but this time you need to check your hand to be able to win wonderful prizes. And lastly, the Sale of the Century is another great scratch card game. However, this is one is being dubbed as the quiz of the quizzes.

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