Full Moon Party at Paddy Power Bingo

Full Moon Party at Paddy Power Bingo

Written by: Richard Sharp on 04/07/2011 13:05
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Does the full moon do funny things to you? If it turns you all hairy then there’s not much we can do but if it turns you bingo crazy, we think Paddy Power Bingo can sort you out.

You see, they are running full moon parties on the Paddy Power Bingo site and the next one is due on the 15th of July. During the hours of 8pm to 20pm you can pop into the Sapphire, Bargain Basement, Topaz, Gold or Paddy’s Fairground rooms and get double star rewards on all your bingo games.

As well as the double point there are also big guaranteed jackpots to be won. At 8pm, 9pm and 10pm the Sapphire room hosts games which each offer £500 jackpots.

What are the Star Points About?

Since we mentioned the Star Points earlier on this is a good time to explain what they actually are. Basically, you get given these every time you play bingo, casino games or side games on the Paddy Power Bingo site.

As you start to get a good number of points you move up through the levels from White Star on to Silver Star and then Gold Star followed finally by Supernova. Once you get to a certain level you can’t fall back down again, so the only way you are going to move is onwards and upwards.

Finally, if all this talk of werewolves and supernovas has convinced you that Paddy Power Bingo is the place to wager then there is another piece of good news. If you sign up and play bingo with a fiver on the site then you will get given an extra £20 to get you started in style.

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