Free Quizzes on the New Quiz Show Bingo Site

Free Quizzes on the New Quiz Show Bingo Site

Written by: Jeannie on 27/06/2011 13:15

One of the great things about playing online bingo is that there are so many cracking sites to choose from. Now there is a new one called Quiz Show Bingo.

The site is fantastic to look at and the home page really gets your interest up, as a cartoon quiz host asks us a question which amazingly we got right. Hopefully the rest are this easy.

What is There for Free?

Call us workshy freeloaders if you will, but when we enter a new site we always look to check out what free games or offers are going to tempt us. On Quiz Show Bingo the easy layout made it simple for us to find that after you make a deposit you get access to free quiz games. This sounds like a great offer, and the site designers have clearly worked out that we bingo players love a good quiz as well.

The quizzes are multiple choice, so even when you are stumped you still have a chance of getting the right answer and then claiming that you knew what it was all along. There are 10 questions and each has 4 alternative answers you have to choose from in a limited period of time.

When we opened up the Special tabs we saw that Friday is Party Night at Quiz Show Bingo, so we immediately pencilled that into our diary. The 15th of July is another date to look out for, as the Showstopper Whopper game has a jackpot of a grand. Tickets can be bought in advance.

Quiz Show Bingo definitely looks like a site which is well worth spending some time on and we will be back soon to see how things are going and to enjoy that Friday Night party.

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