Free Bingo to Help Curb Taxes

Free Bingo to Help Curb Taxes

Written by: ava carson on 15/01/2014 10:15

A campaign has been launched in an effort to encourage the Government to lower the taxes on Bingo.

Players benefit in Bingo clubs in Sale by offering Free games to their customers.

The new tax proposed would cut the 20 percent tax rate to 15 percent where it will be in accordance with other leisure pastimes.

Emma Foster, a bingo club manager in Sale, said:

“The unfair tax burden is putting financial pressures on clubs like mine, and preventing new investment, new jobs and new clubs.

“I’m urging customers to go to their bingo club this weekend, play the free games and sign our petition.”

Bingo businesses are hoping the Government will reconsider the tax law and implement a cut in the current rate.

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