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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 17/04/2009 19:00
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Strange things have been happening at Posh Bingo… they have at last finally managed to live up to their name. Posh Bingo has got Posh and we are not afraid to say it! Gone are the rather scary looking ‘posh lady’ pics, the insipid green and dull as dirty dishwater home page graphics replaced instead by a delightful white poodle and bright well thought out graphic designs. The online bingo software is still provided by 888/Globalcom but because Posh Bingo is now a standalone they have more control over the finished product. So although the new online bingo site is easy to use with a familiar feel it is also completely different, fresh and new in so many other ways.

Firstly, graphics aside, the biggest change is to the online bingo games. Posh Bingo is providing their online players with free bingo all day and every day. The free online bingo games on the whole don’t pay out a fortune in jackpots, but it’s nice to know that you can still have a game or two (or however many you please) even if you are a bit strapped for cash. Although on the whole the free bingo jackpots are not big payers, each day Posh Bingo are providing one free bingo game that has a guaranteed bingo jackpot of £30 – now that is something to write home about!

Although the whole site has changed promotions and all, there is still welcome feel of the old Posh Bingo site, and if you really can’t live without the old site you can still play there at www.PoshBingo.net . If you do a quick ‘’compare and contrast’ though you will soon see the many benefits of playing online bingo at the new, rather fantastic Posh Bingo.


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