Freaky £3K at Posh Bingo for Halloween

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 24/09/2010 12:25
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Posh bingo is known for their fab and quirky bingo games that often have some kind of theme. Their latest game is a little freaky as it is going to be played on the 31st October, yep that’s right, Halloween! The actual game name is freaky 3K as the total prize fund for the game will be an impressive £3000.

Freaky £3K

Posh bingo has decided to put an interesting twist on the game by reversing the prizes for one line, two lines and full house. Usually the largest prizes go to the player who gets the full house but posh have decided that the Freaky £3K should have a twist with prizes that stack up a little differently.

The player or players who are the 1 line winner will scoop an almighty £1,500; the 2 line winner will get £750 with the full house prize being the smallest of the three at £450. This might sound a little crazy (which is the idea) but it should mean more people will win a prize because the 1 line prize is usually the one that more than one player wins. While this is not always the case we think it might be posh bingos aim, time will tell – we can’t predict the outcome :-)

Another interesting addition to the game is that there will also be a prize for 1 to go (1TG) and 2 to go. The player or players to get two to go will win or share £100 with the one to go winning £200. The freaky £3K certainly sounds like it will live up to its name.

How to enter

Posh bingo is running the freaky £3k at 9:45pm on Sunday 31st October 2010. Tickets are available to pre buy for 75p each, with a minimum of 1 card and a maximum of 96 per person. The prizes will be put into the winners accounts straight after the game.
The Halloween promos are coming thick and fast but few will contend with the twists in this one. It’s not too frightening either!


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