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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/08/2009 11:00
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You may have noticed that a lot of sites are now introducing free bingo promotions and events that allow people to play bingo without having to part with a penny (if not take a look at the last few days posts on our bingo blog). Most bingo sites are adding this as an extra room or game to their existing site but there is one site that seems to have taken a different approach.

Foxy zero is a new bingo site that promises to offer free bingo with real prizes. Their tag line is 'All the fun, zero the cost'. The new site is owned and operated by Cashcade (which was sold last week). This is not the first time that cashcade have used the free bingo model as they also own the popular cheeky bingo.

Foxyzero offers players real bingo with real cash prizes without having to deposit any money. This is available 7 days a week around the clock, this differs from other operators whom often only give a limited number of free bingo games per week. The site also offers the chance to deposit money and play in exclusive bingo rooms with much larger prizes.

If you are already a foxy bingo member you will be able to access the site with the same login details as their main site. Foxy zero also accepts new players and one would assume this is their main aim.

It is a new but refreshing trend to see bingo sites offering free bingo and we hope it is one that continues to flourish.

Here is a new advert for Foxy Zero, a free bingo site:

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