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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/09/2009 07:00
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For budget beating bingo, you can not beat Foxy Zero, however, if you are a member of Foxy Bingo and you play in the Super Prize Night, Love Me Ten-der Promotion tonight you will also find budget beating bingo, with ticket price costing from 1p and offering wonderful themed prizes to celebrate the life of the late great Patrick Swayze.

It marvelous thing about being a member of Foxy is that you can play at both these sites by being just a member of one. You just use the same “username” and password. Foxy Zero has a ton of free games available and you would remiss not to take advantage of some of these games. They allow members an opportunity to win money which can be used for playing real money games. So you get all the fun of playing at zero the cost, and the same thrill and excitement of winning a real prize.

Free as a Bird games play 24/7 and this game has presently got an £11 jackpot prize on offer. Freeky Bingo plays at 6am and the prize grows as ticket sales increase, so at the moment the prize stands at a tenner, but this will increase in the approach to tomorrow mornings 6am game. Obviously it has already been won for today. If you are an early bird and you fancy a bit of free bingo before work, then this is a game, not to be missed.

The 5p game is Two Penny Falls and the prize money is £21.36 at the moment. And for 10p you can play Let’s Bingo which at the moment has about £13 as the prize money. I don’t know about you, but it looks a lot more worthwhile to me to play the free bingo in terms of the cost per prize ratio.

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