Foxy Framed in Kiss and Tell Story

Foxy Framed in Kiss and Tell Story

Written by: Jeannie on 09/04/2011 08:20
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To be honest we have always had our doubts about the moral integrity of that old devil Foxy from Foxy Bingo, and a new story seems to confirm that he isn’t as squeaky clean as he would lead us to believe ;) 

Champagne and Cocktails

A stunning tabloid story which has just emerged tells us the shocking truth about how this ladies man wowed a top model with champagne and expensive cocktails before heartlessly dumping her to continue living the high life as a single, unattached fox.

The young lady in question is believed to have been out celebrating a big win at Foxy Bingo and was bowled over by the charm and clever lines of the roguish bingo mogul. Now it seems that he has gone back to his bingo playing and single life and is keeping a low profile until the kiss and tell storm blows over. 

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