Foxy Bingo's Best Tuesday Nights Promotions

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/08/2009 14:00
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Foxy Bingo certainly does not falter when it comes to great promotions. They continuously amaze us bingo lovers with the fabulous prizes they offer by playing their online games like our favorite bingo of course among other side games. After all, Foxy Bingo is one of the most popular and one of the leading online bingo sites today. You’ll certainly be hooked Tuesday nights at Foxy Bingo just be hearing the prizes that are in store for you. Let’s take a look at what’s happening over at Foxy Bingo every Tuesday night.

Every Tuesday, you’ll have a chance to win a whopping two thousand pounds cash prize. While it is actually not that big as compared to other jackpot prizes, the good thing about Foxy Bingo’s promotion is that they offer the bingo tickets for just 25p each card. Yes, it’s that cheap for such a great promotion! Every Tuesday night, all you have to do is go to the fabulous online bingo site at exactly nine o’clock in the evening. Of course, you can go early to check out other promotions. And don’t forget, that two thousand five hundred pounds is a guaranteed jackpot. So there will certainly be a lucky bingo player who will take home that much cash for just a 25p worth of bingo card.

Aside from the Tuesday nights guaranteed jackpot game, you’ll find more guaranteed jackpot games in the site. They also offer a lot of other great prizes in their site which will keep you coming back for more. Do you know that they actually give away more than one million pounds of guaranteed jackpot prizes each month the whole year round? Yes, that’s how big Foxy Bingo is. So you can just imagine being one of the lucky winners to share the one million pounds each month! It’s not impossible after all. And what about the fabulous prizes they offer such as Sony PSP game consoles, among many others. Head on to Foxy Bingo today and see what great offers you can get.

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