Foxy Bingo Wraps Up Friday

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/01/2010 21:17

Yup, it is Friday again at Foxy Bingo and we have all come to expect the Friday night game with a guaranteed £10 000 up for grabs. This week is no different and this game will be playing again, so make sure you get in with a chance to win by pre-purchasing your bingo tickets now. The pre-purchase feature at this site means that you will never have to miss another big game again.

Bingo tickets may be bought up to a week in advance and these tickets cost a pound each. Not a bad price if you think of the return on investment for the winners. As all pre-purchase games are in 90 ball bingo, there is three winners and the £10 000 will be split three ways, with the full house winner getting the lions share. For one line you will win £1,000, for two lines £3,000 and for a full house the winner takes a generous £6,000!

Tonight as well as the big prize up for grabs, we also find Foxy Bingo offering some super games you can’t lose with ticket prices of just 1p each. That’s right just 1p, its almost free bingo, and the brilliant excuse to break open the piggy bank to spend those pennies you will never spend on anything else.

As far as the rest of Friday goes, games will be playing as normal at Foxy Bingo and guaranteed prize money games take place all day long every day. Amounts vary from anything like £50 to £500, and of course this make them pale into insignificance in comparison to £10 000, but doesn’t mean they are not worth playing. Every game has its own merits and bingo tickets vary. There is a huge difference between paying 10p for tickets in a £100 game and £1 in a £10 000 prize game.

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