Foxy Bingo winner has a £25k shock of a lifetime

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/06/2009 23:00
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A relatively new online bingo player at Foxy Bingo has just won an amazing jackpot cash prize of £25,000. The player from Hants who is known online by the name of ‘PeteLilly’, has been an active player for only six months, but just last week decided to have a try at the pre-purchase option for the big Foxy Bingo Monthly jackpot prize, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life.

PeteLilly was not online when the bingo numbers were called but when he next logged into Foxy Bingo at 10 pm last Friday his account details made him shake all over- because he saw that he was £25,000 richer! PeteLilly was so shocked in fact that he needed to call his son to verify that he wasn’t seeing things. PeteLilly has been overwhelmed by the good wishes received from his fellow online bingo players at Foxy Bingo, and now he is busy making plans on how to best spend his sudden windfall. There is every likelihood that a cruise will be high up on the agenda for him and his wife, he has all the brochures now on Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises but as yet hasn’t made his mind up on his preferred destination.

If you would like to try to emulate PeteLilly’s success then you can pre-purchase your Foxy Bingo £25,000 Guaranteed Jackpot Game online bingo cards by going to the lobby and choosing the Main Event option. Once on the Main Event tab just select the £25k game and choose the ‘buy now’ option. The game takes place the last Friday of the month at 9.00pm, online bingo tickets cost £1 each and you will need to be a funded player to take part.

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