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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/02/2010 12:46

There are many leading brands of online bingo in the UK, and many of these are affiliated with the land based gaming industry. Foxy bingo only has an online presence and part of the reason why this brand is so easily recognizable and so popular is their TV advertising campaigns. This has brought the site a large British audience and the ads are always good fun too.

This year Foxy Bingo is aiming for its biggest publicity stunts yet and the new advertisement has launched, hitting UK screens with another WOW. The ad features Foxy himself crooning the 1970’s hit “Grease” song “You’re the one that I want” as he follows a young lady through the supermarket. The Foxy character in this ad is portrayed in CGI and his singing partner is a real life “Mandy”.

This new Foxy Bingo commercial was shot in Spain (Malaga) and it cost a fortune to make. A cool £800,000, so as you can imagine it is definitely worth a watch. Check it out on the site, just in case y6ou haven’t seen it on TV and join in the fun. This year the projected media spend for Foxy is said to be worth £8 million, but they are shooting a big gun at a big target market, so the ends in circumstances such as these, normally justify the means.

If you are enchanted by the ad and are tempted to play bingo at Foxy, you will be in very good company. It is one of the biggest online bingo site in the UK, has a smashing community to get involved in with more than 40 bingo rooms to play in. Tonight a £500 guaranteed jackpot game plays and watch out for tomorrow, they have Super Prize nights on Mondays. These games are sure to get rid of the Monday blues and there are ten prizes up for grabs, with low, low ticket prices.

Foxy bingo

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