Foxy Bingo Returns to 2010 With Style

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/01/2010 11:07

One of the most consistently stylish bingo sites in the UK, Foxy Bingo has returned to 2010 with style. They are the only bingo site that actually shuts down promotions to give their staff a break between Christmas and New Year and although their normal 24/7 gaming schedule still takes place, you have to admire their style for down this. Is this overconfidence do you think? I don’t I just think it is classy, to take a break and not have to be scrabbling for every percentage of market share.

Anyway, starting on the 4th December things started to get back to normal at this site and they have introduced a new Monday night guaranteed prize game for £1 000. So look out for this one, it looks set to take Mondays by storm as the tickets are pre-buy and they only cost 10p each. Of course the first Super Prize night of the year also took place last night and they had ten Nintendo DS Lite’s up for grabs between 8 and 11pm, every 20 minutes for, 25p per ticket. This is one of Foxy Bingos most famous promotions, so take care not to miss it every Monday, there are always super special prizes up for grabs and sometimes these go for as little a 1p per ticket.

As for the rest of it, you will have to visit the site to see for yourself. Foxy Bingo gives away tons of money and prizes every week and the way things are firing up at some of the other online bingo sites I have seen, they may have to up their game. Its all in the name of good healthy competition and the best thing about this is that you, the player reaps the rewards. When I think about what online bingo was three years ago and what it is now, the changes are remarkable. I can’t wait to see what happens next year, oops wait, I am wishing my life away, let’s just say next week shall we.

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