Foxy Bingo Ladies of the League Winner Announced

Foxy Bingo Ladies of the League Winner Announced

Written by: Glo Wood on 10/10/2014 19:10
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Mandy Ibbison, a rugby league coach from Wigan St. Patricks ALRFC, is the winner of the Foxy Bingo Ladies of the League.

Wigan Warriors captain, Sean O’Loughlin and half-back, George Williams surprised her with the news.

Foxy Bingo’s program was available to rugby league fans to draw attention to the woman are dedicated to their club and community. There were many nominations but after the Super League judges’ review process, they selected a winner.

David Ibbison, Mandy’s husband said, “She always goes the extra mile and never asks for anything, just like thousands of volunteers across rugby league that all deserve a medal.”

O’Loughlin said, “Foxy Bingo’s Ladies of the League is a great award to acknowledge some of the really talented women involved in our sport.”

Regarding her win, Mandy said, “Ending up in the final 10 and then winning has left me speechless. Everyone who knows me, knows this rarely happens!

"I'm so glad that women in our sport are being recognised by this award. I am humbled but extremely proud to receive this."

Other finalists included Patricia Benatmane, Yvonne Brown, Tara Jones and Catherine Bullock.

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