Foxy Bingo - Cruise from Hull to Amsterdam

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/11/2009 11:56

On Monday the 16th November the Foxy Bingo Cruise from Hull to Amsterdam takes place. This is the second cruise this site has organized in the same year, the first was to Bilbao, and I must say that I don’t envy the players crossing the channel at this time of year (I get seasick). But that is besides the point, roomies at this site are all eager to get together again and traditionally this is the time of year when they do, so the excitement is mounting.

This site has already organised more than one cruise to Amsterdam, and they wouldn’t be doing it again if it hadn’t proved to be a huge success. They are suggesting that you get in some early Christmas shopping, and cruisers have a choice to ether spend the day in Rotterdam or move on to Amsterdam to see some sights also. I would choose Amsterdam, but then I would probably get stuck in the Reich’s Museum and miss my boat ride home.

They set sail from Hull on the 16th at 9pm in the evening and have all your favourite Foxy Bingo activities lined up for the journey. What a way to pass the time with huge cash prizes and other entertainment too. If you were not lucky enough to win tickets on board this cruise, don’t worry, these are now up for sale at a price of £84 per cabin. A link to the P&O Ferries site is available and all you have to do is click on it to book tickets.

They also invited members to nominate your favorite Foxy Bingo CM to come on board and CHGlitzy, CHKarina, CHWeggie and CHClarky will be joining them on board, so it will be super for both the CM’s and the members to meet each other face to face at last!

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