Four Days and Counting at 888 Ladies Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/02/2010 10:13

There are 4 days, some hours, a few minutes and seconds, and counting to go until online bingo history is made at 888 Ladies Bingo. The night that the Golden Balls game is being played by all the member who hold free bingo tickets into the Golden Game is the 17th February. They gave out the last free Golden Tickets yesterday, now all the last winners have to do is wait for theirs to arrive in the post.

I have seen plenty of £1 million coverall games at online bingo sites, and I have even seen one for £10 million, but that had a minimum guaranteed prize of only £1 000. This game has £5 million up for grabs and a minimum guaranteed of £50 000! There is a big difference between this coverall and some of the games we see online. I have never yet seen a million coverall won, but I have a funny feeling about this 888 Ladies Bingo game, I think it is going to surprise us all.

It is also markedly different because the tickets were not up for sale, and only 30 a day were given away during the period of the promotion, and they were given away in five different daily draws. So essentially I recon this is the worlds largest ever prize on offer in a limited ticket free bingo game. The excitement to see the outcome is hardly bearable. But bear it we must!!

Free bingo and 888 Ladies Bingo are synonymous, and tonight there is a guaranteed £300 prize up for grabs as there is every night, Monday to Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday this increases to £500, and in-between £10 guaranteed prize free bingo games play from 11:30am to 11:30pm. Add these to all the other fantastic games on offer, as well as a £10000 coverall on Saturday and what do you have? 888 Ladies Bingo, that’s what!!

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