Forget Vegas Viva Las Foxy

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/11/2009 14:17

If you have heard of Foxy Bingo, and let’s face it, who hasn’t? And you have heard of Foxy Zero, you have also more than likely heard of Foxy Flutter. This is the casino sister site to Foxy Bingo and Zero and forget about Vegas, this is the online casino site with the most.

Just like Foxy Bingo, they have a whole host of regular bonus offerings, promotions, competitions and tournaments for member, and the best part about playing at this site is you can use your Foxy Bingo login to play. So you don’t have to go and re-register. Last Weekend was a Supper Hoot Loot weekend and it sounds as though that was a real riot. There were 20 winners in this with the top prize being £500.

No matter which of the three Foxy sites you choose to play at, they are always looking for new and more exciting ways to give their member more bang for their bucks. As per usual, November is no different and the game to look out for is the massive £10 000 prize bingo game playing on Friday the 27th November, that right, it is next week! This game is not only a mega money game it is also unbelievable cheap to play, in fact if it were any cheaper it would be free bingo. The tickets cost just 1p each!!!

This game is featured in pre-buy, so it means you can get your tickets right now, so what are you waiting for. Oh, you aren’t a member of Foxy Bingo, well that’s your bad luck then…hahah just kidding. Get over to the site now and join, they also have a free scratch card on offer till Sunday so if you join up right away, you still have three days of this left and there are some magnificent prizes available, all completely free!

Foxy bingo

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