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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/05/2009 18:00
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Astro Bingo is a UK online Bingo site and they make the best effort possible to provide players with the most enjoyable bingo experience they can possibly have. They have a whole host of special games and promotions on offer, and every day you can play in the “It's Midnight Somewhere” special as well as the “Grand Prix, Speedball” bingo tournament. There is more than £1 500 in cash and bonuses to be won every day in the Grand Prix.

Speedball is 30 ball bingo and it is aptly called this because it is such a fast game. You can just imagine how many games of 30 ball bingo you are able to fit into a short time period. So if you like your bingo and you like speed than playing in this Grand Prix tourney at Astro Bingo might just be the kind of game that really turns you on.

However if you are tired of the same old games of bingo, Astro Bingo has put together something really special for you. It takes place in the Money Tree from 9 – 10am and in the Madhouse from 2 – 3pm every single day. In this game, the operators of this site have put two and two together and have arrived at the new Twofer block of games. We all know that it takes two to tango so they are offering you the opportunity to play in a full hour of bingo games which are two-part games. These games each feature two consolation prizes and these are awarded at random, during the middle of the hour they host the Twofer contest and this is two full house games played back to back. The player who calls bingo in the least amount of numbers is the winner; they receive an extra prize of 22% on their game prize. Astro Bingo is inviting you to put in your two cents worth and join in on the fun.

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