Florida Woman’s Bingo Winnings Stolen from Assisted Living Facility

Florida Woman’s Bingo Winnings Stolen from Assisted Living Facility

Written by: Glo Wood on 16/02/2013 02:15

An elderly woman from Florida recently had a modest win at bingo. She currently lives in The Veranda Club, an assisted living facility, and returned to her room following her bingo session.

In total, the woman won $17 and her winnings were all in one dollar bills. She placed them into her change purse and went to sleep. When she awoke, she had discovered that the cash had gone missing.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is currently investigation. The woman has told investigators that employees of the assisted living facility enter her room to provide medicine and meals; however there is no security camera footage to indicate who entered her room while she slept.

It’s a sad day when our senior family members can’t attend a bingo session and win without worrying about theft from caretakers. It’s bad enough that we worry about their well-being now we must worry about their bingo winnings too. This is a new low and the investigation continues.

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by: okinman over 10 years ago
I think that this is a pretty lowdown dirty thing that happened to this poor lady. There are not a whole lot of things that the elderly in assisted living have to do that provides them with fun *and* gives them the joy of winning a little spending cash. Bingo is one of the special times that residents look forward to during their week. It's a shame that anyone, especially staff at the facility, would steal from a resident.

I am wondering what the Veranda Club is doing to help resolve this issue other that working with the police. I would think that they would reimburse this woman her seventeen dollars as it is their lack of security and recording devices in the facility that made this crime harder to solve. And, the fact that they are looking at employees as the culprits goes to show that they are not doing well at screening their applicants before hiring. There are so many injustices that can happen to the elderly, even in their assisted living homes or senior living facilities. Adding theft of bingo winnings to that list of issues is disheartening and just downright wrong.