Florida Bingo Robbery

Florida Bingo Robbery

Written by: ava carson on 08/05/2012 12:30

Bingo players were in for an unexpected scare when three men charged into the Country Bingo on Dixie Highway in Palm Bay at about 9 p.m. Sunday, with guns and yelling, "This is not a joke! Get down! This is a robbery," according to witnesses.

Surveillance caught three men storming into the bingo hall, while another man remained outside stayed outside as a lookout. The video camera showed bingo players and employees dropping to the floor. The robbers then were then into an office with a black briefcase and fled with cash.

"The people that were there were surprised and looked like they were scared, and got down on the floor to avoid confrontation," said Yvonne Martinez of the Palm bay Police Department.

Bingo regular Marge Siebold said the men somehow knew when the cash would be in hand and where it was kept in the building.

"I'd say it was somebody who had been in here more than once," said Siebold.

Officers at the scene used a K-9 to search for the men, but to no avail.

"We are just hoping that someone sees the images and recognizes features and comes forward with the information," Martinez said.

No one in the bingo hall was hurt or robbed. In fact, one woman was seen in the video sitting in her chair and did not look away from her bingo cards.

It took the bingo robbers all of two minutes then sped away in the getaway car. 

Siebold said that is the way some players are; immersed in the game.

"I'm surprised someone didn't have a heart attack 'cause they get upset so easy," she said.

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