Feisty Player Banned From Gala Bingo

Feisty Player Banned From Gala Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 04/07/2012 16:05

Judith Mann, 52, from Darlington was excluded from a Gala Bingo hall after verbal abusive to fellow bingo friends.

Christine Priestly, 60 became fast friends with Mann and routinely sat together at the Gala Bingo in Darlington. Mann was banned from the bingo hall last March but feels she was provoked by Ms. Priestly for her behavior. 

The prosecuting attorney Blair Martin for Priestly said that Mann consistently harassed her and her elderly mother in June and July of last year.

A warning for Mann for harassment was issued but it didn’t seem to stop her verbal abuse to the point the victims were embarrassed.

According to Blair Mann approached the mother and said: “Your daughter slashed my tyres on my mobility scooter.” The other altercation took place when Mann called Ms. Priestly “a lying bag” and proceeded to follow the two around on her mobility scooter.

Ms Priestley said: “Mann’s behaviour towards me is unacceptable. It is making me ill and I have lost weight as a result of it all. I have done nothing to deserve this. I want no contact whatsoever.”

Mann has health issues including Alzheimer’s, diabetes and epilepsy. Mr. Ablett, her attorney added that she requires a caregiver around the clock.

Mann was found guilty of harassment and was given a conditional discharge and had to pay £100 in compenstation.

Chairman of the bench Thomas Marley said: “It is an unusual case and it was a nasty case in that the victim was shouted at. It would be impossible to enforce a restraining order on Miss Mann due to her situation.”

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