Father and Son in Attempted Bingo Robbery

Father and Son in Attempted Bingo Robbery

Written by: ava carson on 18/09/2013 14:35

More details have surfaced in the attempted robbery in Nashua at a New Hampshire Bingo hall. On Saturday evening September 14th in the Eagle Wing Function Center it was a full house of players when the occurrence took place.

“He came right in, went right into the office and said, 'This is a holdup. Put all of the money in this bag’,” said one witness.

The father Charles Preston went straight to the back office where the staff was counting money. Police officers stated he pointed a gun at the employees and threatened them by saying he had a gun strapped to his chest.

“I heard a blood-curdling scream and a lot of us just jumped up because my first inclination was to run and see if anybody needed some help. Once I heard he had a gun, my heart started beating so quickly and I thought, 'Okay, Deb. You are not going to be caught dead in a bingo hall because of a gunshot’,” said another witness, Deb.

A brave employee grabbed robber’s gun as he was stashing the money and learned it was a fake weapon. A struggle ensued when volunteers managed to hold him down until police arrived on the scene.

His son Justin was waiting outside and both men were arrested. “Either people are getting desperate or they're stupid or something,” said Deb.

Investigators learned that there was never any explosives involved in the attempted a robbery.


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