Fairytale Wedding Promotions at GameVillage

Fairytale Wedding Promotions at GameVillage

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/04/2011 17:20
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Royal Wedding fever has certainly gripped the people at GameVillage. They have gone all romantic and put a whole bunch of exciting wedding based game on their site. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The Bride and Groom promotion is nice and simple to get involved in. You just need to try and bingo on either the letter W, or the letter K during the month of April in the Village Inn. You get given £5 for getting the first of the two letters, and then £25 if you manage to collect the second one as well.

What about playing online bingo by Royal Invitation? This is a fantastic promotion from GameVillage which gives you a consolation for a bad run of luck. If you are unfortunate enough to wager £20 in the site any day without winning a bean, then a flunky is ordered to send you 6 special invites for the next £25 Invitation Only game.

The Loving Couple deal is another offer which is incredibly simple to understand, and well worth taking part in. All you need to do is deposit a double digit value such as £11 or £22 and the people at GameVillage will fire you off a free gift, which could be game cards, points or even cash.

Finally, the first part of the Crown Rewards game is to collect 25 crown rewards as you play on the site. Once you have these you will be given £2.50, but the real benefit to gathering them is if you do it on the day of the big royal wedding, as in this case you will be sent an invitation to take part in the £50 invitation game which will be played on the 30th of April.

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