Facebook Bingo Ads Appealing To Children Rejected

Facebook Bingo Ads Appealing To Children Rejected

Written by: ava carson on 05/11/2012 13:15

There has been a growing concern over social games on Facebook that are free and give children complete access to play. The fear is that certain types of social games will encourage children at an early age to start gambling where they may otherwise never been tempted.

Bingo Friendzy on Facebook is among the first to offer Bingo and Slots for real cash money. Controversy arose because the website’s advertising had a childlike appearance, appealing to kids.

Complaints rolled in that the site was too cartoonish with colorful animated characters that include birds and fluffy critters attracting the wrong kind of audience for the 18 and over site.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was contacted with a flood of complaints claiming the gambling site’s web design was too tempting for children.

The ASA investigated the allegations and although they did agree the design could attract the wrong crowd it was determined to be satisfactory because the site is accessible to 18 years and up only.

Profitable Play is the company behind Bingo Friendzy and said the games and advertising were blocked by Facebook including fan pages, friends’ posts to anyone under 18.

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