Fabulous Bingo TV Ad Banned

Fabulous Bingo TV Ad Banned

Written by: ava carson on 25/06/2012 14:05
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The online Fabulous Bingo ad campaign televised on UK television got the axe from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for reasons they felt were not so fabulous.

The advert displays to ladies sitting at a table in a cafe that looked a bit weathered and tattered. One of the women clicked on Fabulous Bingo website on her laptop and immediately transformed into a sexy siren. Amazing the Gambling Reform and Society Perception Group (GRASP) felt that the ad was “irresponsibly linked gambling to seduction, sexual success and enhanced attractiveness,” and the ASA agreed.

News Promotions Ltd., which is irresponsible for the Fabulous Bingo ad, made an argument pointing out that these two actresses have been used in advertising campaigns for Fabulous Magazine since March of 2011, with the same type of theme where they undergo a beauty “transformation” making a statement that this ad is no different from any other ad in the past.

The Advertising Standards Authority disagreed stating “Because the ad featured such an overt transformation from dowdy to glamorous through playing the branded bingo game there was an implication that playing the branded bingo game could result in enhanced attractiveness and an improvement in self-image. “ The ASA went on to say, ”We therefore considered that from that ad directly linked the online bingo game with enhanced attractiveness and concluded that the ad breached the [advertising] code.”


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