Everyone Wants to Play at 888 Ladies Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 07/10/2009 07:41

There is no disputing that the 888 Ladies Bingo site is one of the most popular online bingo sites in the British Isles, in fact it would not be beyond the realms of reality to say that everyone would love to play bingo at this site. It is slowly garnering more of a market share than ever before and this is because of the huge variety of games on offer as well as the incredible opportunities which are opened up to players who win.

Take one of the latest winners for example, “ELVIS777”, she recently won £5 000 on the day before her birthday. So she had a double fantastic time when it came to hr big day. But this money is also helping her launch herself on a new career path. She was recently a sole trader with a market stall. Selling bags and watches and whatever the market demanded. But because of the economic climate her business was doing badly and she had to close up shop.

Anyway this 888 Ladies Bingo member, who has only been a member for a few months, had an idea for a new business, but did not have the money to get it started. Now she does and she is offering a ladies gardening service. The emphasis being on “ladies”! Her business appeals to the elderly who might perhaps prefer to have a lady helping them with their garden, so her winnings are going to be put to good use with advertising and buying equipment.

What a wonderful initiative and so in keeping with the theme of the site that it is almost uncanny. She bought a couple of extra tickets into the game with a 1000 LP’s win on a chat game, which she converted to bingo tickets, had 12 tickets in the game and won on the eleventh! Tickets in this game are only 25p each, which is a bargain for a prize pot of £5 000.

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