Even cockatoos go excited over Mirror Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 17/04/2008 04:00
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Family pets become more a part of the family after spending lots of time with them. And this is truly proven in this case when the Taylors were playing a game of Mirror Bingo with their family cockatoo in the hall. Playing Mirror bingo is something this family does together almost every night of the week.


As usual, they shout out Bingo! when they score a winning combination in their bingo cards. So one day when the owners Chris, aged 34 and Lorraine aged 32 were playing Mirror Bingo one night when suddenly their Cockatoo, Oscar too started shouting out cries of ‘Bingo!” with the other members of the family!


They were truly amazed with this, and surmised that this happened as they played Mirror Bingo practically every night, And as they had a few wins, Oscar must have heard Chris when he had shouted ‘Bingo!” really loudly.


Since then, the six year old cockatoo joins the family of Newport, Pagnell, Bucks in shouting out ‘Bingo!” whenever the family celebrates a win. In fact, their daughter, Sydney of age 11 has been encouraging the cockatoo to play with them as Mirror Bingo is not only interesting and exciting, it is a great polly thriller.


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