Epic Bingo Has Everything of the Best for Their Roomies

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/01/2010 17:02

Epic Bingo is the new name for the site which used to be called House of Bingo, why they decided to change the name I have no idea, but this they did along with the software platform. The site is friendly, easy to use and they know the importance of having great roomies too. In fact they love their roomies so much that they take extra special care to see they are kept happy.

This means that Epic Bingo provides free bingo, great guaranteed and PJP’s, super promotions and very warm welcome bonuses. They also offer a Roomie of the week Award to make sure that roomies know how much they are cherished, and with this much coveted title comes a fantastic £20 in bingo bonuses. This is certainly not to be sneezed at. They also get their name up in the hall of fame for a week and in this way, other roomies can see that someone has made an impression on the CH’s as it is the CH’s who vote them in.

Epic Bingo also offers a massive array of chat games for member to play in and win even more free BB’s. It is free to play in chat games and the only qualification required for this is to have purchased a bingo ticket in a previous game. Spend the evening playing enough these games and win (this is not difficult) and you could fund yourself enough to play free bingo games for the whole of the next day. Epic Chat Hosts get players involved in playing Under and Over, Mirror Mirror, Neighbours (Nabours) Hug, Naughty Neighbours, 2 outta 3 and tons more exciting games. Take part in as many of these as you can, and pick up a ton of free bingo bonuses.

Epic Bingo

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