Enjoy Bingo Studio Live at Deal or No Deal Bingo

Enjoy Bingo Studio Live at Deal or No Deal Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 10/06/2011 16:30
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A great way to get a bit more out of your online bingo playing is with the Bingo Studio Live team from the Better Bingo Network.

A New Longer Show

There are a number of different presenters involved in this scheme and their show has recently been extended from noon until midnight on a number of different online bingo sites. These people aren’t professional bingo callers, but they are friendly and amusing chat hosts who try to make the games go with a swing throughout the day.

Where to Try It Out

Crown Bingo, Treasure Bingo and Crazy Bingo are a few of the places where you could catch up with this interesting way to have fun while playing. However, you might like to try it out on the Deal or No Deal Bingo site if you haven’t tried it before. Starting from Monday the 6th of June the new Bingo Studio Live schedule will get rolled out here along with four great new games to go with it; Two Little Ducks, Whatever the Weather, Mystery Boxes and Presenter Pairs.

The Deal or No Deal Bingo promotions currently offer a few different reasons for giving it a go. Firstly there is the sign up bonus of £25 when you put down a tenner. After doing this you can also enjoy the site’s free games and make the cash go a long way.

Finally, the Daily Promotions Section of the site includes a number of top deals for every day of the week. For example, today (Friday) sees some amazing free games played on Freebie Fridays – a smashing way to start the weekend by winning some games.

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