Enjoy a Murder Mystery Weekend at Bingo Cams

Enjoy a Murder Mystery Weekend at Bingo Cams

Written by: Glo Wood on 05/07/2012 17:50
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This weekend marks the beginning of the Murder Mystery Weekend at Bingo Cams. The weekend will be loaded with jackpot prizes and plenty of mystery!

The event will bring a variety a bingo fun and games from July 6th through July 7th. Get in on the action by playing in the Bing Bling, Celebrity and Millionaire rooms from 7pm to 11pm. Don’t be surprised if you run across some TV stars, athletes and musicians attending for an unforgettably mysterious weekend of bingo.

Here’s how the mystery begins: A murder takes place at the hand of a celebrity and the players must start firing questions at the chat host in order to figure out who was murdered and which weapon was used. Be one of the first 5 players to solve the mystery and receive a prize. There will also be a close eye on the players as Bingo Cams searches for the player that gets all 3 answers correct. This player will become Bingo Cams’ Super Detective.

As if that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, you will also be eligible for Live Win Moment prizes. Check out the Bingo Cams website for more information.

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