Eight Winners Share Sun Bingo Bounty Jackpot

Eight Winners Share Sun Bingo Bounty Jackpot

Written by: ava carson on 02/04/2012 06:00
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In week four of the Sun Bingo £10,000 Bounty Contest 8 winners share the Jackpot. Every week a £10,000 Jackpot is up for grabs and waiting the lucky winner(s) to scoop it up.

For a chance to win check the Sun paper for the nine new printed numbers every day. Bingo players can also have a shot at winning £1,000 prize by matching the serial number on the card to the daily lucky number printed in the Sun.

For a second chance to win, a bonus draw of £5,000 is offered by dropping off a signed ballot at Mac’s convenience store. The card must be verified by 3pm on Saturday of each game week.

Among the 8 winners this week was Laura Jensen who plans on sharing her win with her two children who came with her to claim the prize. "They're very excited, they've already spent it," she said, adding that she plans on taking the two on a shopping spree. "It's really exciting."

Alana Hull has been a long time player of the bingo game and claimed she has never won anything and is a big surprise for her.

"My husband tore through the blue box to make sure," she laughed, adding that the prize money will likely go to her kids. "We have three kids, so it'll probably go towards something there”.

Carl Semashkewich has been playing the Bingo Bounty game for 20 years and said the win was due. "It was about time," he chuckled, adding that he'll keep playing even though luck isn't always on his side.

Other winners who shared the £10,000 Jackpot include Karen McCreight, Raymond Champagne, Ray Baldesson, Tom Woltersdore, and Jodi Martens.

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