Earn Points For Experiences Like No Other at Virgin Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/01/2010 13:56

Virgin Bingo is about so much more than just playing bingo, casino games or poker. It is a microcosm of other activities too and all you have to do as a member is learn how to access these additional activities. The way to do it is by earning V*Points, and you earn the most points if you play bingo. You can earn 1000 V*Points by referring a friend and if you have plenty of friends, you could find yourself flying into a European city or Kayaking down the Thames, sooner than you think and completely free and with the compliments of Virgin Bingo.

Every friend you refer who becomes a member of Virgin Bingo can earn you 1 000 V*Points, when they have wagered £20 on bingo. If they play poker they have to spend £30 and on the casino it is £500, so encourage them to play bingo it is best, and you b benefit much sooner. Once they have done this you earn the points, but in the meantime you are playing and also scoring the V*points. By the way, you friend also earn this amount for points for those wagers.

You need 1250 V*Points for a return flight to one of the finest city break destinations in Europe such as Rome or Barcelona. That’s one and a quarter friends!! I have never seen this kind of value at any other bingo site. Just imagine winging away to your favourite European city for the equivalent of £12.50. 1 V*Point = 1p for the purposes of redemption. If you have saved up more points, they can be redeemed for flying miles, virgin experiences, or even shopping vouchers or cash. But they are worth their weight in gold! There is not other loyalty programme like this across any of all the UK online bingo sites and is one of the strongest driving forces for new members joining in the fun and games at Virgin.

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