Drive in Bingo Hits the UK and Ireland

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/01/2011 20:15

What do you think would be a good way to add even more excitement to a night out playing bingo?

Could drive in bingo nights be the answer? What do you think about taking your car along to the bingo and then taking part in a few games in comfort and style.

It might sound like a North American idea but in fact drive in bingo was tried out at the end of last year in County Meath in Ireland. The scheme was apparently inspired by the fact that players can get around the smoking ban by having a cigarette in their car while they play. The Country Meath players had been braving the cold conditions during three long Irish winters in order to nip outside the local bingo hall for a quick puff every since the 2007 smoking ban had affected them. Then, in 2010, they came up with this clever idea to be able to combine their favourite hobby with the chance to smoke at the same time.

All the usual elements of a top night out at a bingo are there, with a traditional bingo caller, the sale of refreshments and ticket sellers. The sales people go to the window of you car in order to sell you things.

What about when you get a full house? Easy, just toot your horn and flash your lights to let the world know that you've won a big prize.

So how do you think is the best way to play bingo? In a traditional land based hall, using an online bingo site or taking your car to a drive in game?

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