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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/02/2009 20:00
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Do you know that I always find Dream Bingo so full of information that I sometime forget the reason I go there is to play bingo? They always have so much information regarding the reasons for their promotions that I often get engrossed in these to the detriment of my bingo game. How about these for some facts from Dream Bingo? Did you know that approximately 1 Billion Valentines Day cards are exchanged annually? And in the US alone about 110 Million roses, in the majority, red ones are sold and delivered on this day.

Those are just two of the many interesting Valentines facts you will learn about on Dream Bingo and if you want to look out for the big fun and prizes, you have to look out for the “Be Mine” Valentines game. This takes place in the 90-ball room, and if you get one line you get an extra prize of £1 BB’z, win on two lines and you get an extra £2 BB’z, and with a full house you will receive £3 BB’z extra. Get all three and you receive an extra £6 BB’z. You can win huge amounts of cash as long as you keep winning.

When Valentines Day is finally over and done with, there is another promotion whereby you are able to win Mega BB’z. The £5 620 Perfect Pizza Giveaway. Between the dates of 15th and 23rd February Dream Bingo is going to be ordering the perfect pizza for you and this is not an easy commodity to find. Pizzas really are the tops, never mind the toppings! Here come the facts again, there are more than 10 000 pizzerias in the UK, did you know that? I didn’t! But get over to Dream Bingo and learn more pizza facts if the yearning takes you, and find out more about the Pizza game.

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