Dragonfish Drops Team Bingo

Dragonfish Drops Team Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 12/11/2013 16:15

Dragonfish software is one of the most popular online Bingo platforms in the world offering one of the largest selection of brands under their umbrella.

It may come to a surprise for a vast number of players who will no longer find Team Bingo as part of their promotional package.

The competitive offer comprised of a group of players forming a team to compete in a Bingo challenge against other teams. Millions of Loyalty Points were up for grabs for the winning teams.

It seems that the spark for this type of promotional offer lost its luster and interest for players or perhaps it is time to change direction into something new and revamp the format.

A new campaign has replaced Team Bingo with the 2 Million Race. This spectacular event stays in step for those who have that competitive edge to reach victory competing against other players.

The 2 Million Race is a permanent offer that takes place on a monthly basis with loads of Loyalty Points given away winners.

A leaderboard keeps track of the standings where players can see where they place from day to day.
Will this new promotional offer replace Team Bingo with a warm and welcoming reception? The verdict is still out and only time will tell.

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