Double the Happy Hour at Bingo Mania

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/11/2009 19:24

It makes sense that at Bingo Mania the Happy Hour is twice what it should be, this is because the site is operated by a bunch for bingo maniacs, especially for a bunch of bingo maniacs like you and me. So happy hour at this site is 2 hours long instead of one. In this promotion, there are 50% more winners who play games that cost 50% less and they all have 100% more fun, so everyone is kept happy – makes good sense.

Much like free bingo this Happy Hour is BOGOF, so what the player does is buy two strips of tickets, a strip = 6 tickets, and two strips is 12. Then Bingo mania gives you another two strips for free, isn’t that grand? These special games take place daily in the Dream Catcher room from 2 – 4pm.

Then in the Money Tree and Lucky Streak rooms from 4 – 6pm, there is another two happy hours of chat games, and the big surprise is that the bingo tickets in these games also cost 50% less. A player has to buy a bingo ticket into a game to qualify to play the free chat games, so in these rooms at these times it costs 50% less! Now that’s what I call enough to keep Bingo Mania fans in very good humour.

Good humour, chat games, friends, and most importantly, fun are the main thrusts of any online bingo site. If they weren’t then why would anyone want to play? But Bingo Mania has a little bit of an edge over the fun monopoly, and the nutty bunch of operators of this site, makes sure that members enjoy themselves with a smile on their face. There are so many different games, prizes and promotions available at this site that it is impossible to go into them in this short space, the best is to see for yourself, so pop in today and say hi!

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