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Written by: kelly on 31/05/2010 11:45
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It is that time of the year again – yes, time for half term and with not long to go to the summer holidays too. Posh Bingo has some lovely little surprises up for grabs for mums who are pulling their hair out just with the thought of the kids being home for the holidays again. Just a little something to help them relax and get over this break with their sanity still in tact and their hair still in place!

Bring harmony to your household and make your day by playing for extra bingo points and prizes, because these promotions are much too cool for school.

Play at Posh Bingo from the Bank Holiday, which is Monday the 31st; as all those who are looking forward to this break know. The Posh Ton will be doubled for a week, from this date to the 6th June. This means that the prize money will be £200 instead of the normal £100! Sounds good doesn’t it? It sounds even better when you hear that 1TG players in this game will also get a share of £20 instead of £10 and this game plays every day for 10p per bingo ticket.

Both top bingo and top instant game players at Posh Bingo will each win £50 worth of UK Theme Park vouchers – also from the 31st May to 6th June. For the same period of time, double chat points will be available in all the hosted rooms between 12 and 1pm and also between 4 and 5pm.

Leanne is also hosting a special quiz for old kids TV and cartoons, and what a thing to win for summer! Posh Bingo has an ice cream maker up for grabs – in fact they have three of these prizes to give away, imagine the money you will save. Simply play on Fruit Machine IG, bingo on the Sun patterns and on the #3 to win!


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