Don't Miss Out on Foxy's £30K Summer Scorching Jackpot

Don't Miss Out on Foxy's £30K Summer Scorching Jackpot

Written by: Jeannie on 09/07/2011 13:45
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This week we received word of some exciting new developments at Foxy Bingo, it seems the wily old fox has a few new games and some changes to his radio show up his sleeve. We love new features, so popped along to check them out for ourselves.

Foxy on the radio

The next time you tune into the old wireless, keep an ear out for some new Foxy bingo promotions. Foxy bingo has decided to sponsor two national radio stations which will run inclusive games for Foxy bingo players throughout the day. Apparently, a £250 bonus game will be played each day over the airwaves and listeners will be able to win luxury hampers and other fantastic prizes.

Summer Scorching Jackpot

On Friday 15th July (this coming Friday), Foxy bingo is running an extra special game with a £30,000 prize fund! The scorching summer jackpot game will create more winners than usual because players who get 1TG and even 2TG will also win a share of the prize money.

The full house winner will win the lions share, £15,000 is allocated to the winner or winners of the full house. One line awards £3,500 and two lines £7,500, but what about the remaining £4,000? I hear you ask.

Well, £1,000 of it will be shared between all the players who get 2TG, the remaining £3,000 will be evenly split between the 1TG players - this really will create a lot of winners. Up until the 4th July players could earn free tickets into the game, if you have missed this chance, never fear because tickets can be pre-purchased for £1.50 per card.

We wish you the best of luck in the game, it’s going to be a hot one!

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